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Wednesday, October 17, 2012



 Wonder what are the components inside?
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                  I act as a protective cover as well as a rotor supporting system.A ball bearing is fixed inside where the rotating part got attached.Aluminum is the major ingredient in order to reduce the weight.Usually 3 blades are bolted at my ends.My direction of rotation will be counterclockwise when looking atop.
           I am a part of the motor inside my system.I will be stationary all the time.Conductors are stamped inside my unit.They are being called as "stator conductors". 

        I'm the one who has got the running power.I will be running at higher speeds when power is connected.I have two sets of windings named, inner and outer.The direction of adjacent windings will be different.Wonder why i have two windings?(Ceiling fan has a split phase motor ,which can be developed by two windings and a capacitor.Right at the time of starting the fan the inner winding will be active .While running the outer winding will be in function.It is essential to connect a capacitor in between the windings otherwise the fan will just be like oscillating)


 I provide certain starting torque to my system.If I"m absent my system will have a starting trouble and not at all work.I don't require lot more charge for giving the thrust.Normally a 2.5MFD is sufficient. If I'm faulty you will have to rotate your fan until it obtains speed.

We are the energy boosters inside my system.  300 or more conductors are inside in a single slot   ,wound on the rotor.If any one of my conductor got burned my system will be in trouble.When supply is connected my"blood " circulation will be fast enough to rotate my system.We ,the bunch of conductors are called the "NUCLEUS"

So NEVER WONDER who's giving relaxation

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